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Susie's Grey In Progress Journey

Susie, a 55-year-old grandmother of 2, recently decided to ditch the dye and embrace her natural beauty.

In her own words, here is what she had to say.

The classic questions and assumptions about ditching the dye are usually:

It'll make you look old  and...You're too young to go grey... along with about a million other opinions and perceptions

The reality is my hair started greying in my early 20s so the myth about being too young to be grey is exactly that... a myth! Lots of people have said it really suits my skin tone and I always get lots of compliments.

What I have learned, and continue to learn in this process is that we tend to believe what society tells us to believe until we decide to question the status quo... that's why it's so helpful to see women embracing their natural hair color and unapologetically redefining norms and preconceptions.

I don't regret the decision to grow out the dye... it's different but it's me... I certainly don't miss the interminable and expensive root maintenance.

Check out Susie's grey-in-progresspictures below.

I am so happy to have stepped off the multi-million $$ root touch-up/hair color treadmill- though I have no problem with anyone who chooses to and enjoys it! I loved having my hair colored but I love not feeling I have too much, much more.

Susie is loving her natural hair and make-up look and is getting lots of compliments on how it suits her skin tone.

Watch Susie’s video for tips on how to recreate her long-lasting dewy look with The Glow & Go Sticks.