All 3 sticks.The only makeup you'll ever need.

Natural moisturiser with pearl for moist dewy skin. 

Adds a subtle sheen to make your skin glow. 

Buildable blush for lips, cheeks & eyes to bring out your natural colour. 

Your evening make-up look in 3 simple steps.

Evening make-up can be bolder and more dramatic than make-up you wear during the day. That's because softer lighting means you can afford to be more daring with your make-up choices.

Here are 3 simple steps to master your perfect evening look.

1. Apply A Statement Lip Colour

Think ‘evening make-up’ and a statement lip color immediately springs to mind. A nice bold lip color oozes glamour. Your lips are an easy feature to accentuate, with a massive payoff.

Start off by making sure your lips are well exfoliated so that your lip color applies smoothly. Next, make sure they are well moisturized. Violet Jordan's Dew stick is perfect for this.

Glow & Go Berry is the perfect statement lip color. Its buildable formula means you can layer it up for a more intense color result.


2. Go Bold With Your Eyes

For evening eye make-up you want bright and bold but not harsh. A shimmery eyeshadow on your lids is perfect to add luminosity and looks great in low lighting. This will draw attention to your eyes and bring out your eye color.

Apply Glow & Go Berry over your eyelids and Pearl under your brow bone. The subtle shimmer in the products makes them the perfect partner for low lighting. They give your skin a perfect glow in the evening light.

3. Bronzer On The Cheeks

Finish off your look by applying blusher or bronzer to the apples of your cheeks. You can choose a darker blush or bronze at night than you can wear during the day. This look can be achieved by layering Glow & Go Berry up to achieve a deeper color. Applying liberally will deepen the color result.