All 3 sticks.The only makeup you'll ever need.

Natural moisturiser with pearl for moist dewy skin. 

Adds a subtle sheen to make your skin glow. 

Buildable blush for lips, cheeks & eyes to bring out your natural colour. 

6 Age Embracing Makeup Secrets Revealed (Over 50? No. 3 is a must!)

1. Less is more

Keep the classic “less is more” in mind when applying and let your face breathe.

2. Avoid foundation

Has anyone ever found the perfect shade? Be brave and go without.

3. Avoid powder

Powdery products are wrinkle magnets, they nestle in your creases!

4. Use the right colour.

So many colours to choose from! It feels impossible to pick the perfect one!

Choose sheer colour, it lets your natural skin tone show through.

5. Au- naturel eyebrows

Leave the perfectly pruned eyebrows to the youngsters, your natural eyebrow shape suits you best.

6. Keep it simple

Choose fewer products that work for your skin.