All 3 sticks.The only makeup you'll ever need.

Natural moisturiser with pearl for moist dewy skin. 

Adds a subtle sheen to make your skin glow. 

Buildable blush for lips, cheeks & eyes to bring out your natural colour. 

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Is it time to rethink your routine?

The average UK woman uses 16 beauty products a day. Have you ever felt you don’t know what products are right for your skin or what colours work best?

Violet Jordan was founded around a simple concept. Use fewer but better products
to highlight, not hide your natural beauty in your 50's, 60's and beyond.

Beauty isn't about fighting the signs of ageing,or turning back the clock.It's about looking your best, no matter what your age.

Over 10,000 women have been waiting for the release of our 3 buildable, blendable, cream-based sticks which work together to replace every item in your makeup bag.

Ready to streamline your makeup bag?

The Glow & Go Set

Bronzer, blush, lip colour, eyeshadow all in one.
Shimmer for eyes, lips, cheekbones and brow line.
Moisture burst for lips, neck, eyes & cuticles.

Formulated For British Women

Our makeup is made just for you, right here in the UK. It's been designed, from the ground up, to prioritise the health of your skin in midlife and beyond.

As we age,we embrace simplicity and quality, not complicated fads and routines. You've tried all the magic potions and quick fixes out there. It's time to embrace a simpler routine which enhances your natural complexion.

Subtly transform your appearance to achieve that lit from within natural radiance. Healthy skin, minimum fuss. That's what we're about.

Real Faces

We are constantly bombarded with images of picture perfect celebrities, and told that they have found the secret to stopping the clock. (They haven't). It makes the rest of us who aren't ageing backwards, feel like we have failed somehow. (We haven't).

All of these remarkable ladies from across the UK have achieved these spectacularresults without the help of a professional makeup artist.

Their secret? Keeping it simple. Enhancing their natural complexion, not covering up imperfection.

Bring your complexion back to life.

All of Violet Jordan's cosmetics are made with non irritating effective ingredients, to give your skin everything it needs to feel hydrated, nourished and protected.

Every one of our Violet Jordan formulations are safe and effective and made right here in the UK. Even our Makeup! 

Get The Set (Dew, Pearl & Berry)

The Glow & Go Set is the only makeup you will ever need. Natural makeup that lets your skin tone shine through, for colour unique to you. 

Ladies, It's time to join us!

Join in with like-minded women who have unlocked our best discounts, skincare tips and make-up ideas every week.