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The Art of Self Love

Reaching 50 is a turning point for many women. Self-love is a necessary component of the ageing process, especially if you are struggling with adapting to your skin and body changes.

Investing in your appearance can be a major self-esteem boost if you look great. But remember that the inner reflects the outer. “Self-lovers” have an inner glow and a zest for life. And it’s true what they say, beauty on the inside shows on the outside.

Self–love is the practice of loving yourself wholly and unconditionally regardless of what is happening around you.This can prove particularly challenging under the ever-watchful eye of the social media gaze, dictating how older women should express themselves.

Loving yourself means accepting your flaws and imperfections despite what others around you might say.

Here are 5 tips for self-love that you can start today.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others - take action

Going after your dreams is a big act of self-love. Comparing your successes or failures isn’t, and it can deny you true happiness.

It is natural to compare yourself to others, and it’s usually unavoidable when your timelines are bombarded with posts of seemingly perfect women living seemingly perfect lives.

Rather than comparing yourself to others and focusing on what you haven’t been able to accomplish,

Next, focus on what you’d like to be doing with your life that you aren’t already. Whether it’s finding a new love, a better job, or focusing on personal growth, get clear about your goals and work towards them.

Believe in yourself, your skills, talents and values. When you do, you’ll notice improved self-worth and motivation. From time to time, you’ll still enter into battle with those self-doubt demons; in those moments, continue to celebrate yourself and be your own best friend!

2. Be your own cheerleader

Compliment and encourage yourself every day. Praise your looks and your abilities. Highlight them often, write about them, and speak about them. It’s okay to be confident and love how you look, we think it’s necessary, and it means you don’t have to seek validation from others.

If you need some help believing in your self-worth, use positive affirmations daily and quiet any negative self-talk. You could also try setting yourself a target of 24 hours with no words of negativity towards yourself.

When you do slip up, as you might because you’re human, cancel out the bad thoughts by reminding yourself of three great qualities that you have.

3. Learn to say no

In midlife (and beyond), we tend to give so much to everyone around us. Women, in particular, often forget about the most important piece. YOU!

Set boundaries and choose yourself first, even if it means upsetting others.
Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup, so nourish and protect yourself first before being there for others.

Sometimes our loved ones will guilt us into doing things for them, even when it is not convenient. Loving yourself means you can confidently say no and free yourself from any additional burdens.

If you truly want to love yourself, limit your time with people who don’t respect your boundaries.

4. Practice self-care

Nourishment of the body, mind and soul is essential to loving ourselves; it’s a radical act of self-love. This can take on many forms; on a physical level, it looks like, exercise, good nutrition, staying hydrated, and a decent night’s rest.

Self-care also looks like doing activities that you are passionate about, such as baking cookies, outdoor sports, or crafting.

5. Let go of perfectionism

Let go of the need to be perfect; this can deter you from accomplishing your goals. Choose to focus on getting started and then doing your best. Love yourself even if you’re not doing well at something; trust that over time, and with diligence, you’ll hone your skills.

Challenges will come up during this process, accept them and try to move on. Your mistakes don’t define you; in fact, they help you to grow.