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4 Pro Beauty Tips You’ve Never Heard.

We’ve quizzed two renowned beauty professionals for their top beauty tips. We asked them for true insider info. Here, we unveil their 4 beauty tips you have probably never heard of.


Violet Jordan are huge advocates of the ‘no foundation’ natural look, but some ladies can’t live without some coverage.

Janette Matthews, a renowned make-up artist, suggests mixing your usual foundation or concealer with a lightweight moisturizer.

“The great thing about doing this is you are in total control of the result. If you have a rosacea flare up or an unexpected spot and need more coverage, simply add a small amount of foundation to your moisturizer."

She also advises against using thick concealer under your eye area, adding "It sits in creases and accentuates fine lines".

Violet Jordan’s Multitasker is perfect for mixing with foundation as it's suitable for use around your eye area.

Using Janette's mixing tip gives you light, natural, dewy coverage.


Janette reveals that choosing the right lipstick is one of the main problems most women face in perfecting a make-up look that suits them.

“Neon colors and skin tone shades are so out of fashion.”

She suggests choosing a lip color to match the tone of the inside of your lip. Pull your lip down in the mirror and look at the color.

"For your perfect lip color go a bit darker or a bit lighter than what you see and it will be flattering and natural looking, anything too far away from this shade will look unnatural.”

Glow & Go Berry is a universal shade of red that suits all skin tones. It's a sheer formula that allows your natural skin tone to shine through, for a color unique to you.


Black bags, puffiness and swollen eyelids are all common skincare complaints.

Bethan Walker, a skincare professional, suggests keeping your eye cream in the fridge to soothe those eye issues. Cooling the area calms inflammation and swelling by reducing blood flow.

"To rid your eyes of unwanted puffiness, keep your eye cream in the fridge and apply it to your lids and under eyes before eye makeup."

“Just 10 or 20 mins and your eye cream will be chilled and ready to use.”


Our final insider tip is for eyebrows. Bethan recommends applying a nourishing balm to your eyebrows before going to bed. “This will help increase follicle strength and protect against hair loss.”

Violet Jordan’s Glow & Go Dew works wonders to promote eyebrow strength, you can apply this during the day to keep your eyebrows in place and at night as a treatment.

Castor oil, one of the natural ingredients in the Glow & Go Dew, is rich in ricinoleic acid which is a type of fatty acid. Studies have found that when it's applied to hair it enhances the health of the follicles.