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4 common Eye Make-up Mistakes (and quick fixes)

Gone are the days of cakey concealer, heavy eyeliner and bright eye-shadows. Not only are these looks outdated, but they also age the skin.

We subscribe to the motto that less is more, particularly as we get older. As ageing women, our skin goes through a number of changes with the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Our skin also loses its elasticity, and your make-up choice can either highlight or complement these changes.

Regardless of your age, you can still have flawless-looking eye make-up. It's important to be mindful that your make-up style should evolve to accommodate the changes to your skin.

We've compiled a list of 4 common eye make-up mistakes that can make you look older; read on to find out how to fix them.

1. Applying too much eye-shadow = creasing.

We believe in keeping it minimal when applying eye-shadow. Creasing can cause your eyes to look weighed down and zombie-like.

Blending is the golden rule when it comes to applying eye-shadow; it creates a satisfying finish. Start in small doses and gradually build up. Avoid using powder products as these can settle in any creases around the eye and emphasise fine lines on mature skin.

For a softer modern finish, try using a cream shadow, your eyes will benefit from a smoother texture, and it gives a more hydrating effect.

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Its neutral shade blends with and complements all skin tones giving a brighter, dewy all-round glow.

2. Applying eye make-up in the wrong order.

Whatever look you're going for, you can guarantee that mascara adds that finishing touch. The general consensus between make-up experts is that eye color should always come before mascara.

If you want to avoid dusty looking lashes caused by eye shadow fallout, then be sure to apply mascara last.

Violet Jordan's no clump formula volumizing mascara is a great follow up to the Pearl cream. Our product will give your lashes a desirable volume effect. You're welcome!

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3. Going overboard with eyeliner and mascara.

Eyeliner is hands down one of the best ways to add definition to your eyes, and the key to a mesmerising look is getting the formula right.

Dark and heavy liner on the bottom lid can be unflattering to ageing skin and accentuate any wrinkles or lines around the eyes.

This heavy-handed look makes your eyes look smaller and tired; our eyes have a tendency to droop as we age.

Using a light lower liner will keep you looking more youthful and will define and open your eyes, making them look as big as possible.

Most make-up artists also discourage the use of heavy mascara on the bottom lashes, as it creates an effect of dark circles under the eyes.

Here to the rescue is our Volumizer mascara in soft black designed for all skin tones. It's a buildable formula that allows you to apply a little to start and build it up.

4. Going OTT with an eyebrow pencil.

Top make-up artists stress the importance of the brows when working with more mature skin and features. If you have light and fine brows, you might be tempted to go heavy-handed with your brow pencil.

This look is too harsh and, in our opinion, can add years on you. There are many tricks you can pull out of the make-up bag to make your brows look fuller and natural.

Apply your brow pencil with short strokes to imitate natural hairs, then blend it with a brush afterwards for softer, more natural-looking lines.

As you know, everything in make-up is about blending. A lot less make-up is necessary when the brows have been properly defined. It's a win-win for us!

It is a common misconception that you need to wear more make-up as you age. For us at Violet Jordan, the opposite is true.

Just a few of our recommended make-up products can really help you look more youthful. With a few simple changes, you can ensure that your make-up routine is working in favour of your ageing skin, helping you look energetic and beautiful.