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5 Tips For an Easy, Quick & Natural Look After 50

1. Use little (if any) foundation.

Our hormones cause our skin to dry as we age. The pigment in your foundation can make it worse which leads to accentuated lines and wrinkles. If you are brave enough, drop foundation from your routine all together!

2. Use highlighters sparingly.

Use only where the light naturally touches your face to accentuate your best features.

3. Don't over-do the eyes.

Only pandas suit heavy eyes. Let's leave it there.

4. Perk up your lashes.

Lengthy well defined lashes can really perk up your face and make your eyes (one of our best features) stand out.

5. Update your lip colour.

By habit we often stick with the same colour for decades. As your skin tones change, it's best to find a sheer colour you can build. Anything too severe (bright red!!) will age you.

make up for over 50

Violet Jordan's 4 Step System - an easy makeup routine desgined for women in their 50s and above. 4 products, 3 minutes to a natural glowing look.

Violet Jordan provides women over 50 an easy way to look nice & feel great with just a few products.

The 4 Step System Includes:

The Glow & Go Makeup Set

Create an elegant and natural look in minutes with these 3 multitasking cream based makeup sticks.
Gives you a healthy appearance without looking overly made up.

The Volumizer Mascara

This nourishing plant based mascara will make sure eyelashes are never brittle or dehydrated.
Specially formulated to work with shorter, finer lashes which are more common in midlife.

FREE Makeup Guide

The Violet Jordan 4 step routine comes with a free printed makeup guide to help you get the most out of your new routine.

Truested By Over 10,000+ UK Women

It happens to us all once we hit a certain age...

As we get older and our skin starts to change, we find the makeup that we used to rely on, no longer suits out changing skin.

If you have ever had that "aaaagh my face can't breathe" after putting on a foundation or concealer, you will know that feeling!

The truth is, many midlife women stop wearing makeup, or loose confidence in their current routine because what used to work, no longer does.

We end up making makeup mistakes which actually age our skin, rather than highlighting our best and most beautiful features.

All of these women wanted the same thing...

An easy, quick & natural makeup routine. One that made them look nice & feel good. A healthy and natural glow achieved with minimal makeup.

With Violet Jordan they have found an easy routine which replaces all those messy powders and potions.

They discovered a subtle, natural makeup look which perfectly suits their stage in life.

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How To Use

All Violet Jordan Makeup is made in the UK.
It's so easy to use, all it takes is 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Apply Dew - a natural moisturiser with subtle illumination for the face. Eyes, lips, dry skin patches, or anywhere you need moisture

Step 2

Apply Pearl - a sheer highlighter for eyelids, corners of eyes, brow bone, cheekbones and nose.

Step 3

Apply Berry - a creamy soft red, designed to suit all skin tones. For lips, cheeks and forehead.

Step 4

Apply The Volumizer- a nourishing plant based mascara is kind to your delicate eyelashes, to make sure they are never brittle or dehydrated.

Dew creates a moisturising base to soften and illuminate your skin for a natural, dewy look. Use around your eye area, lips, forehead and cheeks. These areas can need a little extra moisture.

Pearl is a multitasking eyeshadow and highlighter. Apply to your eyelids and the inner corners of your eyes. Adds a subtle shimmer to your cheekbones, under your brow bones and to your cupid’s bow.

Berryadds a flush of colour to anywhere you would naturally blush. Use on your cheeks and anywhere else you want to add colour. Berry also replaces your lipstick.

The Volumizeris a gentle plant based mascara will lengthen, separate and hydrate brittle and tired lashes. Specially formulated to work with shorter, finer lashes which are more common in midlife.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Women across the UK are discovering Violet Jordan..

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about buying these, but I don't think I will ever go back to regular makeup again! This set has seriously changed my thoughts on makeup. So easy to use and the outcome is fabulous.

Violet Jordan Verified Website Review

My make up revolution!
I’m really enjoying my Violet Jordan make-up. It’s easy to use and now gives me a bit more confidence at applying and wearing make-up. I used to get so frustrated with my old make-up as it felt caked on and would highlight any dry patches! Violet Jordan is lovely and moisturising and feels great on.
100% Thank you ❤️.

Violet Jordan Verified Website Review

New make up !! WOW !
I have always hated foundations coverage, too thick , too smeary, too obvious. The only time it ever looked right was when I had it done professionally. BUT at 65 I need a little help to soften what life has thrown at me. So when I saw this I thought “Why not” I’ve tried everything else, from cheap to really expensive and all the promised miracles on line. I have been really, really pleased. It doesn’t feel Caked , it does feel really good. Easy to apply, and looks fab. Very natural looking for the slightly older woman.

Violet Jordan Verified Website Review

Ladies, It's Time To Join Us!

Join in with like-minded women who have unlocked the secret to that less is more natural makeup look.

Love it or your money back.

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